Motutapu Outdoor Education Camp Renovations & Alterations


“The Motutapu Outdoor Education Camp Trust has used the design services of Architecture Smith + Scully on several occasions including new buildings & renovations. All projects have been totally successful delivering the functional requirements and coming in on (or under) budget due to very clear & precise detailing that has enabled our construction contractors to accurately price the works. No surprises, nothing left to chance!

Of considerable note is the renovation of our Lodge (a military building constructed in 1936) which carries Cat 1 Historic Places designation Through incredibly smart design by Architecture Smith + Scully we were able to increase the number of toilets from 2 to 5, including 1 assessable toilet and showers from 5 to 7. This was achieved without changes to the exterior / building envelope which would have triggered substantial and expensive approval processes. Innovative but subtle / appropriate use of modern systems has improved the internal environment of the building and are generating significant saving in energy & water use.

Client feedback on this renovation has been exceptionally positive resulting in greater flexibility in how this building is used, increased occupancy & client satisfaction.”